Corporate Comedians

In tough economic times, keeping employee morale up can be a challenge. It’s important to find new ways to bring life, laughter and energy to your corporate community while educating teams in new methods of productivity, communication and sales. The right comedian can do all this and more – lightening up the atmosphere while helping to improve your bottom line.

When most people think about comedians, foul mouthed TV performers often come to mind. However, not all performers take this tack on humor. Corporate entertainers are a breed of their own, offering clean yet side-splitting humor that’s carefully tailored to be appropriate to the workplace. Further, many of these talented performers have special training that allows them to reach far beyond getting a few laughs to help employees and managers alike solve problems and improve their productivity.

There are quite a number of comedians and entertainers of all kinds who specialize in a variety of corporate events, ranging from seminars, conventions and social occasions to motivational talks and interactive training sessions. Depending on the date and location of the performance, the perfect entertainer can be booked for a surprisingly reasonable fee. Many booking agencies will do nearly anything they can to make your vision a reality.

These artists make corporate entertainment a specialty; they understand what is expected in the business world, and they reliably deliver the goods. There are many comedians and comediennes who entered comedy from the corporate world. Their humor is particularly appealing precisely because it is true. Hiring a performer from the right background can make a big difference in how the audience connects with them.

Many of these remarkable entertainers will make an in-depth study of your business, writing an original show to deliver spot-on humor with special relevance to your corporate culture. Often, their comedy is designed not just to entertain but to motivate – many rival some of the great motivational speakers in this realm of performance. Some of these entertainers have specialized training in communications and problem-solving, and can take their humor off the stage and into the conference room to work directly with your teams. Who doesn’t want a training session with a comedian? Your employees can learn brand new strategies for sales and productivity while getting a dose of the best medicine – laughter – at the same time.

To really go all out and impress employees and guests alike, some businesses opt to hire world-famous talent. Comedians who headline in Las Vegas and make appearances on TV shows can be yours for the asking. Fortune 500 companies hire these big name entertainers regularly. Imagine such a star doing a command performance for your employees, stockholders, investors, prospective clients: a truly impressive thought.

In these harder times, it’s important to remind employees, clients and shareholders that your company still has good reason to celebrate and have a good time. The right corporate comedian can bring the energy and laughter to your next event – big or small – that it might have missed otherwise.

A great comedy show will be the talk of the company for months. Even more importantly, employees will feel appreciated, affirmed and proud of working for a corporation that treats them so well.