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MobiShare has created an application that makes it possible to make passive  income, pay bills, buy airtime and get a ride to wherever you need to go, quickly.  The founders of MobiShare saw what Africans were going through, and built  something tailor made to fit their unique needs. MobiShare was born in Kenya, a country with awesome potential, but 40% of the population living in abject poverty.  This is a problem which requires tailor made solutions which address the unique  circumstances they face every day.

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Who we are

Mobi is an international for-profit (Benevolent Business Model-BBM) smart mobility consortium with ties to the silicon valley tech start-up scene. We offer similar services to other ride hailing applications but unlike them, we utilise a benevolent business model which redistributes resources to participants based on their contribution to the growth of the company. We believe in being generous with resources because we believe that when you lift others, soon, others will lift you.Welcome to Mobi.

What we do

The Mobishare Corporation is a technology think tank of benevolent creatives whose goal is to create systems of inclusion for the economic upliftment of people who participate in its visionary systems. We also provide technology solutions to other enterprises who want to connect with their customers in a more meaningful and profitable way.

Rides on demand

Mobi operates similar to other ride hailing solutions for the provision of quick rides.  A Mobi user downloads the app and requests a ride to pick them up. The nearest driver is pinged and after accepting the ride, proceeds to pick up the rider and drive them to their destination.

Solving the Passive Income Problem

Mobi gives the driver 82% of the fare charged to the rider. The remaining 18% is divided among Mobi and the participants who have referred  other users to Mobi.

This is how it works. Mobi pays 4% of every ride to users who refer Mobi to their friends and family. Once their referral begins using Mobi, 4% of the fare is deposited to the referee’s Mobi e-wallet. Mobi keeps paying this 4% to referees every time their referral uses the application in a proprietary revenue sharing model called “Powershares” (Copyright 2022). This 4% is paid to the referee at no extra cost to the rider or driver. The 4% is borne by Mobi creating an exciting passive income opportunity which is the first of its kind in Africa and indeed the world.

Users can refer drivers and riders making it possible to earn passive income directly to their Mobi e-wallet which is located in the Mobi app. Any monies in the  e-wallet can be withdrawn directly to M-Pesa in real time. Mobi users are encouraged to save their passive income and only withdraw once every two weeks. This will encourage a culture of saving, however, during emergencies,funds can be withdrawn and used however users see fit.

After rides are paid for, driver receives 82% of fare, the remaining 18% goes to referrals (both drivers who refer drivers and riders AND riders who refer drivers and riders. This leaves Mobi with just 10% operating revenue.

Value Addition

Mobi also provides in app bill pay services (Kenya Power) KPLC both prepaid and postpaid, airtime top up, NHIF and other services which will be made possible through additional integrations with numerous merchants and service providers.

Mobi also provides courier services. Drivers and Boda Boda (motorcycle drivers)and bicycle riders can be sent on errands to deliver packages if need be. In an interesting new service addition, on-foot Mobi delivery partners can deliver packages to a destination within a 5 km radius. This service is nicknamed  “Migusubishi.” On foot or roller blade riding Mobi partners can get gig-work and deliver small packages to destinations where parking may not be possible. This can create gig-work for those who may not be able to afford a bicycle, motor bike or motor vehicle but can run (or roller blade) from point A to point B. Such deliveries are less than Kshs 500 and can provide financial inclusion for the youth, who will also be able to refer drivers and riders to Mobi and generate passive income.

Mobi also provides in-app instant prepaid virtual cards which can be topped up directly from their e-wallet providing Mobi users with Visa card payment access to millions of online services around the world including Amazon, AliBaba, Google, Netflix, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe and millions of others around theworld who all accept Visa card payments.

Our values

Create value for others and others will create value for you. Mobi seeks to first empower our partners and then give them a gateway to the world of economic inclusion.

Making rides smart

If the total momentum of a people can be harnessed into a system of benevolent business model distribution, the combined wealth of our energy in motion as a society can be reinvested into the same society from which it came resulting in exponential growth. This is the Benevolent Business Model. This is the future of business.

Creating Opportunities For Others

Energy is never lost. Only redistributed into other directions. If human energy can be correctly managed, it can be redirected into a more equitable and just society.

Providing Centralised Convenience

Lets do something really exciting. Lets create a system that provides convenience while addressing the needs of society at the same time. Lets provide solutions. Welcome to Mobi.

Come join us

Write to us at customercare@mobishare.org
We would love to hear from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can you refer to Mobi?

A. As many as you possibly can! There is no limit on how many users you can signup. Just make sure they enter your Mobi-handle during the registration process .So when you are introducing someone to Mobi, they will need to fill in “Who referred you to Mobi?” They will simply enter your Mobi-handle spelt correctly and the system will find the name and automatically secure the connection (e.g.$Muthoni1) during their registration process. Once they register in the app, that’sit! You will be paid 4% of the fare, every time they use the application forever,whether they are drivers or riders. That is whether they used Mobi to deliver a package or take a ride, or pay a bill! And all of this is at no extra expense to the driver. Driver takes home 82% of the trip fare per trip. The ride-sharing economy is not really the sharing economy if the company is not sharing resources.

Q. How do I get paid?

Every time your referral uses Mobi, 4% of their fare is automatically deposited intoyour Mobi E-Wallet in the form of points. One point is equal to One Kenya Shilling.So if someone you referred took a ride and the trip fare was Kshs 500, your Mobiwallet will receive 20 points instantly (4% of Kshs 500). You will have made Kshs20 passively. Mobi points can be withdrawn directly from your wallet to theSafaricom M-Pesa number you registered with during the sign up process. You willreceive an M-Pesa payment confirmation from Mobishare Solutions Ltd.Withdrawals are free if made once every two weeks. However, emergencywithdrawals are allowed. There is a withdrawal fee for withdrawals that are madebefore the two week deadline. To withdraw, simply go to your Mobi e-wallet, enterthe amount of points you wish to withdraw, then tap the “withdraw points” button.You will need to enter your Mobi PIN, (nobody from Mobi will ever ask you for yourPIN- PIN Yako, Siri Yako) and your withdrawal request will be completed.

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