10  creative ways to kill time in traffic(Kenya)

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August 23, 2022

10  creative ways to kill time in traffic(Kenya)

By mid-this year, Kenya was ranked 5th of the countries with the highest traffic globally and 2nd in Africa after Nigeria. Nairobi, Kenya's capital, is notorious for traffic and congestion, particularly in the mornings and peak evening hours. This proves that if you are in Kenya as a resident or a visitor, you have most likely been stuck in traffic several times. Now, what do you do when this happens?

Here are a few tips to kill time while stuck in traffic.

1. Listen to music

Listening to music is a popular way for Kenyans to pass the time while stuck in traffic. Music is a fantastic way to escape the boredom of waiting, whether you listen with headphones, jam in your car, or enjoy the great mixes that matatu drivers have. So go ahead and put on those headphones and listen to some music.

2. Read a book/ listen to an audiobook

If you enjoy reading, this is another chance to continue with that amazing story, educational series, or discovery book. Reading distracts you from the long wait and shifts and opens your mind to new ideas. Because most of us are too busy to finish our books, this is yet another excellent opportunity to do so.

3. Listen to your favourite podcast

Traffic is an excellent opportunity to listen to your favorite speakers. Instead of reading a book or listening to music, return to your favorite podcasts. They are a good way to broaden your thinking. Business, mental health, relationships, and religion are all good podcast topics.

4. Start a conversation

If you're taking public transportation, you're most likely sharing a seat with someone else. If you use a ride-hailing service, you will be accompanied by a driver. It's incredible to get to know people and converse with them as humans. Starting a conversation with someone is the best way to kill time compared to the other options. Because we are social beings, you learn about people, their differences, and their perspectives, and you socialize.

5. Meditate 

Because of the many things that run through our minds, most of us avoid being alone with our thoughts. When stuck in traffic, one can gather their thoughts, reflect, learn, and plan their day calmly. Traffic in Kenya may be an ideal time to brainstorm ideas, solve problems, or fill your mind with positivity.

6. Get some work done

If you have the luxury of working remotely, now is a good time to get some work done rather than wasting time. If you've been putting off working on something, now's the time.

7. Scribble away!

This is an excellent time to update your diary, complete that story, or write that blog you've been meaning to write. Because you'll be there for a while, you might want to write something down.

8. Make that call

This is a great time to reconnect with loved ones, friends, and family members with whom you have not had the opportunity to speak. It is a chance to strengthen existing relationships or reach out to those who have been distant and quiet.

9. Research! 

Make Google your friend and learn new and interesting things at this point while you can!!. Since we never really stop learning, this is a good time to google what you have been curious about. Discover and learn to kill time!!

10. Play a game

You've probably been putting too much pressure on yourself as an adult, and the traffic isn't helping. If you are a passenger, choose a game from your device and play it to keep calm and lower your heart rate. A game or two will help you forget about your worries. Some are enjoyable challenges, while others are even educational.


Using these tips to pass the time in traffic is a great way to do so. Regardless of how you deal with this monotonous situation, keep in mind that the only way to earn money on the go in Kenya is through Mobi.

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