How Mobi is Changing Lives and the Economy for the Better

Published on
August 13, 2022

How Mobi is Changing Lives and the Economy for the Better

Why are people loving Mobi?

Mobi is a gamechanger in the transport industry and is committed to changing lives, starting right here in Kenya. First, by revolutionizing the ride-hailing app business model to be customer-centric and even-handed with the drivers who are essential to the business, which is a much-needed thing with contracted drivers complaining of meager commission rates and high rates of unemployed youth in the country. 

Mobi rethinks the business model of ride-hailing apps

Mobi takes a different approach to the ride-hailing industry by having fair and transparent rates and rewarding drivers with higher earnings. The company can offer drivers better wages than other ride-hailing services in Kenya. On Mobi, drivers earn 82% on all fares. As the company is in a position to pay drivers more, Mobi is confident it will be able to attract and retain more drivers. This decreases wait times, improves service and ensures customers get to their destination safely.

Mobi can help you earn passive income and save money

Mobi is offering a new way of doing things that allows anybody, including the drivers contracted with the app, to recommend new customers and earn a percentage of the fare every time that customer uses Mobi, forever! Not only that, the earnings, which come in the form of points that can be redeemed and transferred to your M-Pesa- can be saved in the Mobi wallet, with guaranteed safety of your money.

The Stunning Benefits That Mobi Brings to People of Different Ages and Backgrounds

The creators of Mobi understand the high rates of unemployment that plague our country and thus have provided other ways that young people who wish to make an extra buck but do not own a car can utilize Mobi’s package delivery service. They can deliver a package by walking or roller skating within a five-mile distance and earn around 500 Ksh. 

We are going beyond transport

Mobi is a one-stop utility app; besides finding rides to your destination in minutes, the company provides financial services that include mobile payments, airtime top-ups, and bill payments, and it doesn’t stop there. You can get an instant virtual card compatible with many global brands, including Netflix, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, and millions of others, as long as they accept payment by Visa.

Why Do You Need to Download Mobi?

Mobi has been able to differentiate itself in the highly competitive ride-hailing app industry in Kenya by being customer-centric and creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders. It is more than just a utility tool; it is a tool to reduce poverty and promote economic development, with genuine concerns for drivers and all Kenyans.

Mobi offers solutions to create employment and equitable pay and encourages a saving culture by holding the Mobi Points in the Mobiwallet. There is pride in knowing that you are part of a community concerned about your needs and those of other Kenyans. That is doing the work to ensure excellent service delivery and utility as well as opportunities for economic growth for all.


Mobi is here to change lives by improving how they earn a living in these tough economic times. The beauty is that everyone and anyone can start earning today!!

Want to be part of this revolutionary community? Sign up with Mobi and start earning now.

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