How to use Mobi- ultimate guide

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August 13, 2022

How to use Mobi- ultimate guide

Mobi is here to smoothen commutes in Kenya with a unique touch of earning passive income whenever you use the app.

Here are easy steps to follow when using this amazing ride hailing app.

1) With an internet enabled device, download the Mobi application from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

2) Launch the program and enter your email address when prompted.

3) Enter your destination

4) Request a ride

5) Your driver will arrive in a matter of minutes.

6) confirm the ride you requested on the app is the one that picks you up.This is to ensure your safety.

7) Enjoy the ride to your destination and pay the driver using your Mobi e-wallet or another payment method on arrival. Receive 10% cash back directly deposited into your Mobi e-wallet.

8) Based on your experience, rate the ride from one to five stars, Mobi values customer feedback

How To Gain Access To Mobi Extra Services; a bonus to our users

1) Tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of the display.

2) A list of ten options (including "view profile") will appear.

3) The alternatives include:

  • Drive with Mobi 
  • View Profile
  • Invite Friends 
  • Wallet 
  • Pay bills 
  • Trips 
  • Support 
  • Legal 
  • Logout 
  • X Close

Browse profile 

You have the option to edit your profile in the following ways;

  • Add a profile photo,
  • Change your name
  • Change your phone number, 
  • Edit email address within your profile
  • You can also change your Mobi handle from a randomly generated one, such as (@I*64dl94sg), to (@Yourname), which is an easily-remembered Mobi handle.

Invite Friends

Send friends and family an invitation to join Mobi. Your referral should enter your Mobi handle in the "Who referred you to Mobi?" field during the registration process. When your referral takes a ride with Mobi after completing the registration process, you will receive 4% of the fare. The funds will be deposited into the "Powershares" section of your Mobi wallet, from which they can be withdrawn directly to your M-Pesa.


Your Mobi wallet offers three distinct options. 

  1. Credit Cards, 

Your Mobi wallet can be funded from M-Pesa or funds can be withdrawn directly to M-Pesa. Money in your wallet can be transferred to other Mobi wallets or used to pay bills such as KPLC prepaid, KPLC postpaid, Airtime purchase (Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom), and NHIF premium.

  1. Virtual Cards, and 

Purchase prepaid Visa Virtual Cards and make online purchases at Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, and more. 

Available as virtual cards in USD, EUR, and KES.

  1. Powershares

When an individual you referred to Mobi uses the application, you receive 4% of the fare. Your funds are placed in your "Powershares." This money may be withdrawn every two weeks in order to promote a culture of thrift. However, this cash is available for withdrawal at any time.


Use the cash in your pocket to pay your bills. This option allows for KPLC Prepaid, KPLC Postpaid, Airtime purchases, and NHIF payments.


Utilize this option to review your Mobi trip history. For your convenience, the date, time of ride, destination, and amount paid are listed.

Support or call our customer service line at +254711777555 to contact Mobi customer service.


Driver and Passenger Conditions and Terms. Privacy policy, Mobi considers your data to be confidential. Learn how we use your information to serve you better.

Drive. Drive using Mobi. Want to make some additional cash? Mobi pays drivers 82% of the fare in addition to any Powershares earned through referring friends. The potential to earn substantial wealth is exponential. This is why the company is called Mobishare. We distribute the wealth!


Sign out of your account. To re-login, you will need to use your password.

X Close

Closes the options panel.

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