Perks of providing staff with a ride-hailing service package

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August 30, 2022

Perks of providing staff with a ride-hailing service package

Employees are the backbone of any business. Taking care of the hustle and bustle of commuting to work when they need to report to the office or attend to a client is essential to their productivity. Kenyan roads are often congested with traffic, especially during peak hours. Therefore, employees who depend on public modes of transport experience frustration and time wastage. 

Most corporations need to solve the transport issue for their employees, improving efficiency and delivery. The cab or ride-hailing services package acts as a company benefit for its employees.

These are the advantages of providing staff with a ride-hailing package

1. Employee motivation

It goes without saying that when employees do not have the stress of how to get to work, they are less anxious and thus more motivated to work. The lack of transport money or traffic congestion will be a reduced stressor. Employees are therefore better planned for the day and can even work more knowing that transport is secured.

2. Attracting and retaining top talents

When your organization provides such a package, they stand out in the market and therefore gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Such packages allow an organisation to retain top talent and attract more. This is because employees want to be associated with and work for companies with their well-being at heart. When companies treat their employees as such, they perform well, become loyal and take pride in doing their work.

3. Brand awareness and recognition

Many employers do not offer their employees such benefits, and for this reason, ride-hailing benefits for employees appear as a luxury to others. When employers incorporate the packages to their employees, their brand automatically becomes unique and recognized in Kenya. This acts as a marketing strategy for brand awareness and loyalty and instils confidence in prospects.

4. Employee availability 

Ride-hailing is not restricted by time or location. This means your employees can travel within the country whenever needed. Employees are available due to the package provided if you need them for an urgent meeting, customer service, or to run errands.  They are also available to your clients despite their locations. This ensures the smooth running of business operations.

5. Cost-effective

A ride-hailing service may be less expensive in the long run than paying for employee mileage, constructing a parking garage, or paying parking fees. If an organization decides to partner with a ride-hailing service, they can easily get discounts and vouchers for their employees. These kinds of partnerships also lead to other business opportunities and valuable networks.

The risks of providing ride-hailing service packages

Despite the various advantages that a company gets from giving the said benefit, there are some risks that the business can face in the long run.

  1. As much as this is a benefit, employees could feel entitled to having this service and not recognize it for what it is, an advantage.

  1. This package could be very costly if a company has a huge labour force. Another way that it could be very expensive is if clients are visited often, and for long distances.


When you take care of employees, they take care of business. This post is one good example of how you can take care of your employees. Employers looking to offer a ride-hailing service package to their employees should consider a partnership with the first Kenyan ride-hailing app that has incorporated earning passive income for all users. This app is Mobi.

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