Ride-hailing services in the Kenyan corporate world

Published on
September 11, 2022

The convenience of ride-hailing is consistently changing how Kenyans move, do business and run errands. It is a business for some, a job opportunity, and a challenge to the old taxi methods. Technology has impacted how ride-hailing services are offered and will continue to do so due to future advancements and infrastructure.

The corporate world has since adopted ride-hailing services as a means of transport for employees, employers, and their clients. Consequently, ride-hailing services have had a significant impact on corporate organizations.

The impact of ride-hailing services on corporate organizations( Kenya)

1. Employer cost optimization

As employers seek to provide ride-hailing services as benefits packages to their employees, they have considered how they can use this resource responsibly yet transparently.  Most organizations, therefore, have enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that aid in tracking how the services are utilized. Such a system enables managers to approve and disapprove rides, not in line with the business. Transparent pick time, location, drop-off time, and the amount charged help assure that the services are well utilized. 

Laws and regulations for these services are also put in place to avoid mismanagement.

2. Cost reduction

Ride-hailing services in organizations have replaced privately owned vehicles for employees that were previously purchased by employers. This has greatly reduced the cost of buying, compensating mileage, insurance, parking, and maintenance costs associated with employee vehicles. The risk of damage, wear and tear of corporate-owned vehicles is also reduced when using ride-hailing services in organizations. With the aim of every business being to reduce costs while still making profits, ride-hailing apps are proving to be one of the solutions.

3. Sale of cars

In Kenya, the ride-hailing industry has registered the highest number of vehicles. This means that the purchase of vehicles has increased in this sector and will continue to grow due to the rising demand. While purchasing multiple cars boosts the retail industry, it also boosts the Kenyan economy in terms of revenue.

4. Standard prices

Ride-hailing services charge per trip compared to the taxi business, where one might be charged per head or distance. The corporate industry gets to enjoy ride-sharing at no extra charge. When using the ride-hailing app, there is an estimate of how much one is to incur as compared to private taxis, where one must negotiate prices and may end up being frustrated and wasting time. Prices are therefore regulated to favour passengers and drivers when using ride-hailing services.

5. Employment creation 

Ride-hailing in Kenya has changed the lives of so many unemployed people, regardless of age and gender. This is because they are easy to employ, safe, and guaranteed to earn a decent living. Ride-hailing services do not only employ drivers; they also employ app developers, mechanics, insurance providers, and fuel vendors, just to mention a few. With Kenya being a hub for unemployment, Mobi is one of the most innovative ride-hailing apps that has brought a real solution. Mobi gives every user a chance to earn a coin through their Mobi Powershares earned and in referrals. Another opportunity they have created is running delivery errands, even for those that do not own cars. 

6. Safety 

The corporate world is sensitive regarding privacy, anonymity, and the safety of employers, clients, and employees. The convenience of hiring a private driver with the least amount of contact information required and without personal interaction makes ride-hailing a preferred method of transport for organizations.

Compared to the olden days when one had to call a taxi guy that they knew, one can order a Mobi ride with the confidence that they are safe and sound. Ride-hailing features such as tracking using GPRS, customer reviews, driver and vehicle details, and sharing of rides make ride-hailing a safe mode of transport for all.


Thriving organizations in Kenya prefer to partner with the best ride-hailing apps, such as Mobi, to reap the benefits of business opportunities, discounts, promotions, and the luxury of great customer service. For more information on such a partnership, contact Mobi here.

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