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Welcome to MobiPay, the game-changer in money remittance services. We have simplified the process of making payments to Kenya, fast, easy, and more affordable than ever before. No more navigating through banks, ACH, or SWIFT! Experience seamless transactions with MobiPay.

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Understand Mobipay in 5 Easy steps

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Pay with your card using a secure link.

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Send money online with Zero hassles to Kenya

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Our professional customer service team is ready to assist you every step of the way.

Unrivaled Convenience

Make payments anytime, anywhere, using any device with internet access.

Fast and Efficient Money Transfer

Send money in minutes without the hassle of traditional methods. Secure Transactions through trusted payment gateways.

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Join the MobiPay revolution today and experience the future of money remittance.
Start making payments to Kenya online direct to MPESA with ease, security, and zero hassles.

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About us

Mobishare is on a mission to redistribute wealth fairly. We built MobiPay to help you send money to your friends and family easily , quickly and efficiently.

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Simply click on the make payment button below , pay with your debit card, add your recipient's MPESA Number and quickly transfer money to your friends and loved ones. Seriously, it’s that simple.

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