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passive income.

Mobi heard the cry of drivers all over the world who complained about reduced earnings. We figured out how to solve this problem with better rates and Powershares.

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Mobi heard you

Mobi heard the cry of drivers all over the world who complained about reduced earnings.

Make money on your own terms.

Work when you want to. Refer drivers and riders to Mobi and earn 4% passive income from every Mobi service rendered.

Drive anytime

Mobi drivers are much happier driving with Mobi. Here’s why. Mobi gives drivers 82% of the fare, plus 4% Powershares from referrals exponentially increasing earning potential. Drivers can refer other drivers or riders. This makes it possible to make great money with Mobi.

Let the app lead the way

Let the map show you how to get to your destination and get paid directly to your Mobi wallet and withdraw through Mobile Money. No hassle, no problem. Settle with Mobi later. Stress free gig-work and passive income can make life easier.

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  • Sign up online You’ll need a valid email address and a cell phone number to sign up. Driver requirements are provided by law, we’ll take you step by step and get you signed up in no time.

  • Check driving requirements

  • Accept the request

  • Drive to destination

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to drive with Mobi?

You’ll need a valid PSV drivers license, an email address and a cell phone number and a few other things to sign up. We’ll show you what you need for your city.

How much can drivers make with Mobi?

Mobi gives 82% of the rider’s fare to the driver plus whatever referrals he or she may have brought on board to Mobi. Since referrals are paid 4% commission for each user whenever they use the app to order rides or paybills, forever, the possibilities for amazing earnings could be exponential! There is no limit to the number of people you can introduce to Mobi.
You can bring on both drivers and riders.

Drivers can also deliver packages on behalf of customers. The fare is the same, making Mobi ideal for national courier services. 4% referrals are still paid.

Do you provide insurance?

Mobi also provides personal accident insurance coverage at just Kshs 10 per day.

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